​Poolside Leak Detection Inc.

 Swimming Pool & Spa Leak Detection services


Signs of a pool leak:

- Adding water more frequently than normal.

- Pool has air in system, bubbling returns.

- Equipment losing prime.

- Visible cracks in pool.

- Sunken pavers/ cracked and fallen deck.

- Discolored areas in plaster.

- Debris in localized spots.

- Loose or missing tiles.

Bucket test:

To determine if water loss is due to evaporation or a leak.

1. Fill pool to normal water level.

2. Fill a 5 gal bucket 2/3 full and place in pool on step.

​3. Mark water level in pool and in bucket.

4. Operate pool as normal.

5. After 24 hrs measure water level in pool and bucket.

6. If pool water loss is greater than bucket water loss a leak is present.